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If you are travelling to an international destination we recommend that you research the country you are visiting. The Internet, as well as our own Travel Guides, are good sources for enhancing your knowledge. Always check for travel advisories relating to your destination. Consular Affairs, a site hosted by The Government of Canada, keeps up-to-date information for Canadians who are travelling abroad. Remember: The more you know about your destination the less likely you are to encounter disappointments. We have broken down the below travel tips into specific categories. This allows you to research the information for your specific needs and interests.


It could be anything from your own medical emergency to the death of a close friend. Cancellation & Interruption insurance will reimburse you for expenses if an emergency forces you to cancel your trip, or if you must delay your return or return home early. This coverage protects you against over 40 specified risks that could force you to change your plans. Cancellation & Interruption insurance can only be purchased at the time you book your tickets.

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